In our day to day life we come across things that are useless and doesn’t make any sense. Some of them are listed below:

  • Lemonade are made of artificial flavoring agents but finger bowls have real lemons.
  • Winter season in Bhubaneswar and Mumbai.
  • Why snow falls and rain drops.
  • Tears come while chopping onions.
  • Square pizza boxes for round pizzas.
  • Leg piece of chicken is called as chicken wings but it doesn’t contain wings.
  • Why there is no egg in eggplant and no shoe in shoe plant.
  • Why letters are added to a word if it will remain silent while pronouncing the word like k in the word knight.
  • Why race in human race and cycle race are not same.
  • Torn jeans are more costly than the normal ones.
  • Why pluto is not considered as a planet.
  • One can pee in public but cannot kiss in public.
  • Poke and poke back button on facebook.
  • Protecting your profile picture on social media. You can prevent it from downloading but you cannot protect your picture from screenshots.
  • Assignments in engineering colleges. It doesn’t make sense at all.
  • Why mobile phones are rectangular and not round.
  • Chips in air packets opps sorry I mean air in chips packet.
  • Item songs during immerson of idols. What do you think do the gods and goddesses enjoy item songs?
  • History as a subject.
  • Logic of background dancers in movies.
  • Characters in horror movies.
  • Monday doesn’t make sense at all.
  • Why 11 is pronounced eleven and not onety one.
  • Fight over religion never make sense.
  • Visit to a haunted house.
    So these are a list of things that doesn’t make sense to me. If you can relate to this list do like, share and comment and also tell me about things that doesn’t make sense to you.

surbhi Singh being me

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