Social media is a great thing for connecting people around the globe. Making new friends sharing ideas etc etc. A great innovation where people from each and every corner can put up their opinion to anything and they called it freedom of expression and speech. I know India is a democratic country and we all have freedom of speech but it doesnt mean that we will use it to insult people. You may have come across several incident where some people upload their picture and the rest of the world start sharing their opinion out of which some are good and some are bad but some are worst. Like last night I was scrolling my news feed of my social media account and came across a feed where a well known celebrity was insulted very badly. She posed her pictures on her account and all the critics came to insult her and some of them were comparing her to a prostitute. It was such a disturbing scenario. How someone could has such a potty mouth. They think they have freedom to speak anything about anyone and this is not the first many people was body shamed by these hypocrite people. These hypocrites thinks that theyll become cool by these words and thinks it is right to speak anything they like.

I agree that social media is made for expressing your feelings but it doesnt mean you will use it for saying all the bad things about the people because it is not acceptable for you that someone is breaking stereotypes .Everything has its limits. No one should cross the limits thinking it as their right. Instead of filling social media with negativity use it wisely for things that help to improve things around you. Everyone has their right for giving opinion because we all live in a democratic country but before talking shit about people think twice. Keep your phone or laptop aside go out have fun with friends and stop using your right as a weapon to insult others. Grow up please!!!!!

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