From childhood we have been taught one thing by our parents and teachers again and again is to respect our elders but they never told us why we should respect our elders. Let me guess we should respect them because they are older than us. Is this reason enough for giving respect. I don’t think so… Not only elders but we are always advised to respect women, especially boys are advised to respect women. But tell me one thing, does every women deserve respect. I’m not saying you to disrespect them, I’m just saying that, know the reasons why you respect them. Every women doesn’t deserve respect because not every women is a ‘abla nari’ some of them indulge themselves in the activites that are not respectful. Women should be respected not because they are women but because they have done some tremendous work like PV Sindhu, Kalpana Chawla and many more, for them respect comes from our heart. Personally I don’t respect every elder or women. I respect those people who have dreams in their eyes, will to fulfill their dreams, who have marked their presence in this world, who have come forward and challenge this society. I don’t respect people on the basis of gender, age, cast or creed, I respect them because they have done something extraordinary in their life.

Those people who force you to respect someone ask them a reason for doing this because respect is never demanded it should always be earned. Let me tell you one incidence, that was the day when freshers entered our college, some of the students decided to take intro of the freshers to know them better. As the get to know the freshers, they found out that some of them have attitude problem and doesn’t gave them respect. They asked those freshers to give respect to all the seniors. Actually they demanded respect from their juniors but they never realised that they haven’t done anything to get respect. After someday I saw some juniors giving respect to the seniors and abusing them after they are gone. That day I came to know you can never get respect if you ask for it, instead do something good that you don’t have to demand respect from anyone.
Respect those who have made themselves proud with their work. #respect

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