The clock struck one, when the bell rang. Samaira got up and opened the door and said “where were you? I was worried.” Riya again ignored her and went into her room. Samaira told her that she has already made her food and if she wants she can put it in the microwave. Riya didn’t answered her. Samaira was very tired and she was going to sleep again, just then Riya walked out of her room ful dressed up.

Samaira was a bit shocked and asked her why she is so dressed up in the middle of the night. Riya said” can’t you keep your nose out of my business”. “But I was just asking you out of curiosity and nothing else”, Samaira explained.

Riya looked at her face and said she is going to night club. Samaira questioned “isn’t it too late to get out of the house? It’s not safe to go out”.

Riya’s face turned red out of anger and she shouted furiously “Why do you have problem with everything? Why can’t you just shut your mouth and do you your job? If you don’t have a life, then it doesn’t mean no one will have. If you don’t have guts to go out at this point of time it doesn’t mean no one has. Is it necessary to complicate everyone’s life like you have complicated yours? I’m not going to tolerate your nonsense everytime. You must stop acting like my mom. Look at you, how shitty you look. No wonder you don’t have friends. Please let other live peacefully and your thoughts and concern ain’t bother us so keep it to yourself. Bitch!”.

Riya left for her night club leaving behind the tears of Samaira which was questioning her for being so caring and stupid. Samaira was crying hell out of her heart and asking herself why she is so caring to person who doesn’t bother at all. She stood in front of a mirror looking at her crying face and said to herself ” at be Riya was right about me being so ugly, I think that’s why my family always ignores me and all my friends have left me. Why everytime someone blames me for everything? Its not that I don’t want to have life like her its just that I have too many burdens. I can enjoy life like her but that does make any sense? Why my life is so complicated or have I complicated it? Oh God! I just want to be free from everything even for one day”. pleaded Samaira while crying like a baby.

Surbhi Singh being me, Tiny Tales

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