Ôld Sôñgs VS Ñew Sôñgs

Songs has a very important part in our life. In each and every moment of our life songs has its role to play. Whether its a party in the house or the immersion of idols we need songs to play. In different moods different songs are being played. We can’t live without songs and music. But today I’m going to talk about the difference between the old songs and new songs.

I’ve grown up listening to old songs and I was addicted to it. Everyday my mum used to listen to the songs of legendary Kishore Kumar, Md. Rafi, melody queen Lata Mangeshkar and many more. The essence of those songs was so immortal that even today I love to listen old songs every morning, it gives me a sense of peace. The sole in the voice of these legendary artists takes us to an imaginary world. The songs like “Bahon me chale aao” and ” Lag ja gale” was the most romantic songs of that era. Talking about romance the singers came to our mind from the era of 90s are Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik who took over the music industry by strom. They create magic in every song they sang.
As the time changed so the style and essence of songs has also changed. Today the secenario of music industry is very different from that of early 80s. The quality has degraded to a drastic limit except for some songs. Now most of the songs are recreated but it doesn’t have the same quality. For example the song from movie Hate Story 3, “Tumhe apna bnane ki” is recreated but it doesn’t have same essence as the original infact the video of this song is quite vulgar. Many songs are recreated, some of them are good but some are worse. Moreover new songs are more vulgar like in one of the song there is a line ‘laila teri le legi tu likh ke le le’ and songs like Halkat jawani and munni badnam hui is one of them. I’m not saying that old songs were not vulgar, they were but to a limit but today it has crossed all the limits. Also the Bollywood songs are now influenced by western music, we like it though but it is lossing its orignality. Whereas songs of Arijit Singh and composition of A R Rehman , Vishal Shekher and some more composers are giving some of the best songs. Songs created by these people touches our heart. But the old songs touches our soul.

Old songs are everygreen, we never get bored of it but the love for new songs remain only for sometime. So according to me old songs were much better than new songs. This is my opinion and it is not intended to hurt the sentiments of any song lover.

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