You must be thinking what is OCD. So OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is basically a mental disorder. The person suffering from OCD have some obsessions and complusions that can be cured by simple medications. OCD has several symptoms like-
Fear of germs or contamination.
Keeping things in a specific or perfect order and at the right place.
Excessive cleaning and handwashing.
Repeatedly checking on things and many more.
Now the thing is everyone fears contamination and checks on things but everyone doesn’t have OCD, the person who does it repeatedly has OCD. People suffering from OCD suffers intensely from several unwanted thoughts that are called obsessions and rituals or compulsion which they think they can’t control. As I had OCD, I know how it feels. Its really irritating when you want to do things repeatedly and also you become a joke for everyone. I remember few years back when I got this disorder, my relatives and some friends used to make fun of me because I washed my hands again and again. There was a fear inside me of getting infected by the germs. I wanted to throw out this fear but I was helpless. Sometimes I feel like crying because I don’t want to wash my hand or check on things like a maniac. I wanted to control my mind but failed everytime. At that time I just wanted support but my habit was just became a joke for them. No one tried to understand me at that time because they don’t had enough knowledge about OCD. I tried very hard and controlled my mind and literally thown this OCD away from me.
Several people suffers from OCD but they do not have any idea about it like one of my friend’s mother has OCD but she doesn’t have any idea what is that. Infact no one in her family knows about it. One day my friend and I was talking and then she told me that her mom does several stupid things, then I told her that it is not a stupid thing and infact told her that she has OCD. She was not at all ready to listen to me and said “kuch bhi bolti hai”. Then I told her my story and after a long discussion, she understood what is OCD and her mother is hoing through.
Everyone needs to understand that it is a major issue and people having OCD needs care and support. If you think someone near you has this problem ask them to consult a doctor and try to support them because your support and care can help to beat this OCD. And the person having OCD should control their mind and you should talk about it, consult a doctor and after medication you’ll be perfectly fine.

Surbhi Singh being me

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