I’m not the girl you’re looking for

You’re not the one I’m cooking for

You want a girl with pretty face

Who looks like a barbie and walks with grace

Though I have a pretty face

I’m a Tom Boy

I don’t have such grace

You want her to follow your commands

I’m not the one who can fulfill your demands.

You want her to wear Saree

To make her realize she is Bhartiya Naari

I wear jeans not Saree

But still I’m a Bhartiya Naari

You want her to stay at home and work all day

I would rather kill myself but can’t be your slave

You don’t want a wife you want a maid

Who will work all day and night without getting paid

I’m not the girl you are looking for

You’re not the one I’m cooking for.

Surbhi Singh being me, Pôetry

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