Honour Killing


It is the time when everyone is enjoying the new face of India. Everyone is celebrating the changed colours of the country, its political scenario, justice and so on but there are some issues that has overshadowed these things. One of these issues is Honour Killing. Many of us don’t know what is honour killing. So honour killing is nothing but killing people in the name of honour by their own family member and its increasing day by day. Few days back two girls were killed in Delhi in this name of honour killing because they had managed to escapewith their boyfriend. Taking someone’s life and that too of their own family member as they had taken some decisions that were not acceptable to them is just not correct. Generally these things happen when there is a matter of love marriage. We are living in 2017 but still love marriage is not accepted everywhere and some families thinks that it will bring bad name to their family. Seriously!! Can you believe this? But this is the scenario in many places of India among them states like Punjab, Haryana and western part of Uttar Pradesh have witnessed many cases of honour killing.

I think somehow society is also responsible for this because its our society that talks shit about the family if some from that family is willing to do love marriage.

Whatever may be the reason but its still going on without any fear because there is no such law and order for honour killing. There are many cases of honour killing that are pending and many cases are not even filled. No one is really bothered about these things and many people also says that its their family matter. Really killing someone is a family matter I didn’t know that, thank you for opening my eyes. These killers needs to understand that killing anyone in the name of honour will never reward them but will definetly ruins their family image in front of everyone. Stop this because there is NO HONOUR in Honour Killing.

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