Zindagi Dhokha Deti Hai

saans le rahe the, jina kaha sikha tha tufaano me aatke the, sahil kaha dikha tha thak gye the par samay kaha ruka tha chahte the unhe bahut par kismat me kaha wo likha tha dosti ka hath badha kar zindagi har pal dhokha deta tha khushiyon ki roshni dikha kar aansu bhej deta tha… Read more

How to Prepare for Campus Placement

Are you trying to prepare for the campus placement but you don’t know how to do it and you are afraid of being rejected. Then today I will tell you how to ace your preparation and also share my experience of campus placement. Company Recruitment Process: All the company coming for placement has some recruitment… Read more

Get trendy¿¿

Being fashionable is a trend now a days and so to look like you are trendy you must have these 10 fashion accessories in your wardrobe. 1. You should own a sling bag that goes with every outfit whether you carry it with jeans or a kurta. A black or brown bag will always makes… Read more

A Love Story

I heard something I thought it was you and I ran to the door but you were not there My heart broke into pieces And it cried like a baby I loved everthing about you Especially your smell It has always provoked me And it always forced me to miss you more I wanted you… Read more


Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna Par hamne to jang cher rakhi hai Jaat paat ke naam par Gandh faila ke rakhi h Kehte hai bhagwan ek hai Par naam hazaro de rakhe h Kahi Allah, kahi Ram, kahi Ishu to kahi Guru nam Dekho insan ne dharam ke nam par kya krwa diya… Read more

Ôld Sôñgs VS Ñew Sôñgs

Songs has a very important part in our life. In each and every moment of our life songs has its role to play. Whether its a party in the house or the immersion of idols we need songs to play. In different moods different songs are being played. We can’t live without songs and music…. Read more