Prologue part 3

Samaira was sleeping on the edge of her bed just like a caterpillar when the sun was peeping into her bedroom through her balcony. Birds were trying to wake her up but her pillow wanted to spend more time with her. Just then her alarm rang and she woke up like a lazy sloth and… Read more

Prologue (continued)

The clock struck one, when the bell rang. Samaira got up and opened the door and said “where were you? I was worried.” Riya again ignored her and went into her room. Samaira told her that she has already made her food and if she wants she can put it in the microwave. Riya didn’t… Read more


Aaj ki baarish bhi thodi ajib thi Tufan ke saath thi fir bhi haseen thi Shayad gusse me thi bahut Isliye bahut garaj rahi thi Na jane kis baat par itna Baras rahi thi Maine socha puchu kaaran uske gusse ka Ro pari bechari batake dukh apne jeevan ka Sath main deti uska to deti… Read more


She was in her balcony with her special coffee and her favourite music playing on her phone. Infact the weather was also romantic but it seems like she wasn’t enjoying neither the coffee nor the weather. Something was wrong, she was unable to remove her stress even with her coffee and her music. Then suddenly… Read more

Power behind LOVE

“Stop or I’ll kill myself” she shouted angerily with knife in her hand. He stopped right away. For a minute he was shocked and stunned with the action of her angel. She fell on the floor and started crying. Then he rushed to her leaving everything behind to calm her. But she pushed him and… Read more