Stereotyping Since Ages

“Boys never cry”. This is something all boys have heard and even said this statement some or the other day. Isn’t that wrong to control your emotion just because you belongs to a part of gender who are supposed to be masculine and are not allowed to show their sensitive side. This type of gender… Read more


From childhood we have been taught one thing by our parents and teachers again and again is to respect our elders but they never told us why we should respect our elders. Let me guess we should respect them because they are older than us. Is this reason enough for giving respect. I don’t think… Read more


“Don’t judge a book by its cover” -this is the most famous proverb but certainly most of us doesn’t understand its meaning. Most of the people makes judgement on the basis of appearance and ends up hurting their feelings. Today I’m gonna tell you how people judges you on the basis of your clothes and… Read more


Social media is a great thing for connecting people around the globe. Making new friends sharing ideas etc etc. A great innovation where people from each and every corner can put up their opinion to anything and they called it freedom of expression and speech. I know India is a democratic country and we all… Read more