The World is not Ready

May be the world is not ready For your new face May be they are not ready To understand your extreme case But you are here for yourself Not for the world They have neither seen your sweat Nor your blood You are answerable to your soul Not to these a**holes You’ll be thrashed and… Read more

Let me

I have seen your pain Let me feel it I have seen your wound Let me just heal it You have always fought like a warrior But you can cry in my arms like a baby You have known the meaning of against I will make you understand the values of togetherness Everyone has met… Read more

Prologue part 3

Samaira was sleeping on the edge of her bed just like a caterpillar when the sun was peeping into her bedroom through her balcony. Birds were trying to wake her up but her pillow wanted to spend more time with her. Just then her alarm rang and she woke up like a lazy sloth and… Read more

Prologue (continued)

The clock struck one, when the bell rang. Samaira got up and opened the door and said “where were you? I was worried.” Riya again ignored her and went into her room. Samaira told her that she has already made her food and if she wants she can put it in the microwave. Riya didn’t… Read more


“Riya, could you please shut the door. I’m writing and your music is quite disturbing”, said Samaira (in a very polite way). “You always have this drama, if you want to write then get out and do your f**king write up”, shouted Riya when she smashed the door in anger. After all this drama Riya… Read more


Aaj ki baarish bhi thodi ajib thi Tufan ke saath thi fir bhi haseen thi Shayad gusse me thi bahut Isliye bahut garaj rahi thi Na jane kis baat par itna Baras rahi thi Maine socha puchu kaaran uske gusse ka Ro pari bechari batake dukh apne jeevan ka Sath main deti uska to deti… Read more

When I was

My dad ate corn, when I was born. People were fun, when I was one. My favourite cartoon was Pooh, when I was two. Everything was free , when I was three. People used to adore,when I was four I had a life, when I was five I learnt magic tricks, when I was six… Read more

I’m Not the Girl You’re Looking for

I’m not the girl you’re looking for You’re not the one I’m cooking for You want a girl with pretty face Who looks like a barbie and walks with grace Though I have a pretty face I’m a Tom Boy I don’t have such grace You want her to follow your commands I’m not the… Read more

Advices are Nerve Racking

I Always wondered life would be great if there would be no society and no relatives. I think actually I don’t think I know and you will agree to me that society and relatives are like demons for the people who are not employed that is who are Berozgaar. You must be thinking why the… Read more

Stereotyping Since Ages

“Boys never cry”. This is something all boys have heard and even said this statement some or the other day. Isn’t that wrong to control your emotion just because you belongs to a part of gender who are supposed to be masculine and are not allowed to show their sensitive side. This type of gender… Read more


You must be thinking what is OCD. So OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is basically a mental disorder. The person suffering from OCD have some obsessions and complusions that can be cured by simple medications. OCD has several symptoms like- Fear of germs or contamination. Keeping things in a specific or perfect order and at… Read more


“Don’t judge a book by its cover” -this is the most famous proverb but certainly most of us doesn’t understand its meaning. Most of the people makes judgement on the basis of appearance and ends up hurting their feelings. Today I’m gonna tell you how people judges you on the basis of your clothes and… Read more


In our day to day life we come across things that are useless and doesn’t make any sense. Some of them are listed below: Lemonade are made of artificial flavoring agents but finger bowls have real lemons. Winter season in Bhubaneswar and Mumbai. Why snow falls and rain drops. Tears come while chopping onions. Square… Read more