I Always wondered life would be great if there would be no society and no relatives. I think actually I don’t think I know and you will agree to me that society and relatives are like demons for the people who are not employed that is who are Berozgaar. You must be thinking why the hell I’m saying this, I’m saying this because I have been facing this for quite a while but it all started when I choose my career as mechanical engineer my relatives were against me then also but somehow I managed to ignore them and complete my studies in mechanical engineering. As I completed I was placed in Infosys so everyone was happy that I have been placed but the problem was that I didn’t want to get into Infosys because I have a fear with computers like I can’t memorize all the Java things and C programming it’s like very hectic for me more than thermodynamics and refrigeration. When I told my parents that I didn’t want to go to Infosys also I told them I will commit suicide if I’ll get into Infosys my mother was like ok ok we will not force you to go for the Infosys but what would you do after this but my father was rigid that no you have to get Infosys because it’s a great career opportunity for you and some of his friends also encourage him to say this. I was really stressed because of this, I can’t tell how much I was stressed I genuinely felt that I should commit suicide to skip all this stress because at that time only I could feel the stress. If I say something to my friend that I didn’t want to go into Infosys they were like you got a opportunity and you are not using that opportunity fully you have taken a place of a person who could have placed in Infosys and now you are not going you are doing injustice to that person. I was really pissed off with this answer because I have not taken anyone’s place if that person is so talented he would have placed in Infosys or any other place I cannot take anyone’s place. Second when I get into a Core Company that was giving me a very low salary then also people are judging me like they said you got placed into Infosys why are you not going there why are you choosing low salary company what are you doing are you out of your mind or something please don’t go there choose Infosys and I was like my life can I take my own decisions. Then finally I choose the core company instead of Infosys and I went there I felt like I am made for this place I was just mesmerized by watching machines .I worked there for four months and I came back to my home city then also everyone was like now you have chosen core company and you are leaving it you are resigning you should not do that you should have experience you should gain experience at least for 1 year excuse me you don’t know my condition so don’t speak and I have left that company because of 2 reasons first their behaviour towards non Marathi was so irritating and they were so Biased and second I am suffering from ulcer I have problems with food that are more oily and more spices and I don’t want to cook all the time because like working for 9 hours and travelling of 3 hours makes it very difficult for any person out there to come back and cook or wake up at 4 and cook so it made my health more worse so I left that company and came back to my home that’s it. The main thing started now, now that I am unemployed that is Berozgaar the advices are coming at a very high velocity. The first month people were ok that she came here for vacations or something but after 1 month they were started asking it’s been too late are you not going to your company are you not going to Pune I said I have left that company because I was very ill so as I have resigned that company and will stay at home only and now this scenario is that people are coming everyday in my home and say idiotic things to me like what will you do now everyone is getting placed his son or her daughter are placed in a very good company and you are doing nothing you should fill forms there are many forms out there you should try for a second company. I had straight answers for them Do you know what I am doing with my life do you have any idea what I am doing with my life if not then just shut the f*** up. I have been trying for months to get into a company that is closer to my house but there is a lot of competition and your advice and your nasty comments makes more difficult for me to survive in my own house you keep taunting me everyday literally everyday don’t you think it is really hectic for a person who is unable to get a job right now because she cannot concentrate and there are lot of competition and you guys keep getting on the nervers. Forrget about society, my relatives irritate me on a daily basis. They have been giving my parents references to talk to them and just get into any company that is coming my way I am not that kind of person to work in a place with someone’s recommendation. I believe in hard work, I am doing a lot of hard work to get into best place so don’t ever judge me what I am doing or what I am not doing. The other day one of my relative was like you don’t have enough talent you cannot get into any field , I think you should have to choose in Computer Science because mechanical is a field of boys therefore you are not gettingjob. Seriously !!! have you seen girls who are in a mechanical engineering and are doing a very great job. I have been in Pune for more than 4 months and I have seen only girls as mechanical engineer so first get your facts right and don’t judge me which stream I have taken because I have taken what I wanted to take I have not taking your money to do my engineering or I have not asking you to help me getting into any company I am not taking any shit from your mouth so shut your mouth. I know most of you gus face the same situation but I am really pissed off with the society and so called rishtedar because they are the worst person in this world. But you know what’s worse than all this it’s that when your parents start believing the society and relatives and believe that you should go out and look for the certain jobs which will make you employed but what about our happiness what about the satisfaction. I want a job that not only secure my life, my future but also give me satisfaction that yes I am working in a right place and I will someday get into a company where I want to work I don’t want anyone’s advice. Anyone giving advice to anybody first think 100 times before saying that, you don’t know what is their state of mind right nowor how they will react and what’s the reason behind their state of mind please consider them then give such nasty comments and idiotic advices to someone. I am requesting to all the person who are reading this please please never ever give any stupid advice to anyone or nasty comments because it hurts it really hurts and we are unemployed but we know what to do with our life so thank you for your opinion and advices but no thank you.


Surbhi Singh being me

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