I heard something
I thought it was you and
I ran to the door but you were not there
My heart broke into pieces
And it cried like a baby
I loved everthing about you
Especially your smell
It has always provoked me
And it always forced me to miss you more
I wanted you in front of me
I wanted to touch you
Feel you
Sit next to you
And these thoughts were making me crazy
I called you thousand times
But you didn’t came
I felt like I will never get you
But then suddenly I heard the door bell
And Oh my god
You were in front of me
I was smiling like a fool
And the man holding you told me
Mam chutta ni hai
Pizza ko ghurna band kro aur chutta paisa do
So this was my love story with pizza

Surbhi Singh Pôetry, Uncategorized

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