“Don’t judge a book by its cover” -this is the most famous proverb but certainly most of us doesn’t understand its meaning. Most of the people makes judgement on the basis of appearance and ends up hurting their feelings. Today I’m gonna tell you how people judges you on the basis of your clothes and how you dress yourself. I always used to wear clothes what I like and my parents never questioned me for wearing anything but some people in my locality used to pass comment on me like ” look she is wearing sleeveless” , she always wear jeans and many at times they said that Indian culture to hai hi ni is ladki me etc etc. I have never bothered about any comments but when I entered college people started judging my character on the basis of my clothes. From the first day itself they started judging. My ex roommates told me that they thought Im very stylish and this gave them a feeling that I will not be nice to them. See just looking at my clothes they thought I must be an arrogant person but then they realized that they had done wrong by judging me just by my looks. After this also I was being judged on how I dress myself. Once my care taker called me and three of my friends for the mistake we had done (that wasn’t a mistake at all actually we had disturbed her while she was taking her lunch). When we entered her room she started barking and she was just focusing on me. She said I am characterless because I wear clothes which are short ( she meant to say knee length clothes) and I have many male friends. According to her wearing short clothes and having male friends are a sign of a characterless girl. At that time I was completely broken and was crying like hell. But then I decided that I will remain what I am because her judgement shows her character and not mine. And I told her later that the way I dress is non of your business.

These things happen to most of people who choses to dress themselves as they want. They are judged from their head to toe. I have often heard that jeans and tops are not good it provokes, women of Indian origin should wear sarees. Let me tell you sarees show much skin than jeans and tops. Some people dresses as per their culture, religion and some people don’t dresses that way, which is completely their choice and no one has right to question or judge their choice. Actually we are hypocrites, hypocrisy runs in our blood. We all want to dress our way and don’t want to be judged but want to judge everyone else for doing the same. When you judge someone its shows your character and not their character. Let people dress their way without the fear of being judged. At this point I just want to say Soch Badlo Kapre Ni.


Surbhi Singh being me, Social Issues

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